Schedule 1 Semester

Schedule 1 Semester – Engineering Sciences

1st YEAR
9.30-10.15 FCH FCH MAI FCH
10.30-11.15 FCH FCH MAI FCH
11.30-12.15 MAI MAI EE
12.30-13.15 MAI MAI EE
14.00-14.45 EE ENGL MAI
15.00-15.45 EE ENGL MAI
MAI Math. Anal. I Aula B3
FCH Fund. Chem. Aula B3
EE Eng. Econom. Aula B3
ENGL English Aula B3


2nd YEAR
9.30-10.15 PHYII MAII ENA
10.30-11.15 PHYII MAII ENA
11.30-12.15 ENA PHYII PHYII
12.30-13.15 ENA PHYII PHYII
14.00-14.45 MAII ENA
15.00-15.45 MAII ENA
16.00-16.45 MAII
17.00-17.45 MAII
MAII Math. Anal. II Aula 8
ENA El. Net. An. Aula 8
PHYII Physics II Aula 8


3rd YEAR
9.30-10.15 FM KDM
10.30-11.15 FM KDM
11.30-12.15 KDM EF/HPE DE
12.30-13.15 KDM EF/HPE DE
14.00-14.45 EF KDM DE FM/HPE
15.00-15.45 EF KDM DE FM/HPE
16.00-16.45 DE
17.00-17.45 DE
DE Digital El. Aula 9
KDM Kin. Dyn. Mech. Aula 9
FM Fluid Machin. Aula 9
EF Electom. Fields Aula 9
HPE High Perf. El. Gio Aula 10; Ven Aula 11

How to update your residence permit

How to update your residence permit

Contact the Secretariat Student of Engineering by Video call (Didactic building)

( for:

  1. Validation of Enrollment
  2. Recognition of residence permit

First of all, you must UPLOAD the following documents to Delphi:

  • Residence permit (for non-EU students with a qualification obtained in Italy)
  • identification document
  • passport-size photo

After that bring with you during the video call

  • SERIAL number and the original documents uploaded to the Delphi

TIME SCHEDULE FOR VIDEO CALLS from Monday 27 September

  • Monday from 9:30 to 12:00
  • Wednesday from 9:30 to 12:00
  • Friday from 9:30 to 12:00

CONNECTION TO THE LINK (BOOKING IS NOT NECESSARY), join the meeting and wait in the “Waiting Room” (10-20 minutes) of MS Teams. Now you can proceed with point 2ENROLLMENT by DELPHI System:

REGISTRATION PROCEDURE> 2. You have already filled out an application

It is possible to proceed with the APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION in the following cases:

  • Has passed the Admission Test (Course of Study With Limited Number of Access)
  • Has finished the Mandatory Assessment Test for admission to the Degree Course (3 Years) for Open Access;
  • Has received the Clearance for the Enrollment to the Master Degree (2 years) after the evaluation of curricular requirements

at the end of the procedure, print and pay the invoice, then contact the Student Secretariat again using TEAMS to validate it.