Apply for graduation

Procedure and Documentation

  1. Present your request of “Thesis assignment“, signed by your supervisor and bring it to the Coordinator Prof. Fabrizio Quadrini (almost 3-4 months before the date of the Degree).
    A. Statement of Assignment of Thesis ES 2021 editable
  2. Apply for “Admission to the Degree Examnation” by DELPHI, (60 to 30 days before the Graduation Session) – access to your Personal Page, or select from the first page Point 4 “Manage Career On-line and click on option 1 “Access to Student Section (Area Studenti)”:

Select: Manage graduation request

  • Print the  “Dichiarazione di assegnazione della tesi/lavoro finale” (B. Statement of Assignment of Thesis/Final Work)” (signed by the supervisor)
  • Fill out the “Domanda di ammissione all’esame di laurea” (Application for Admission to the Degree Examination)
  • The bulletin must be paid within 30 days before the Graduation Session.

(Website of Secretariat for Engineering Students)

  • Scanning of the Degree Application (signed by the student)
  • Scan the recognition document
  • Scanning of payment receipt
  • Scanning the University Booklet
  • Scanning of the “B. Thesis assignment declaration/final work” (Signed by student and Supervisor)
  • Upload thesis ItaUpload thesis Ing (within 5 days from the date of graduation)

The “Formative Activities” (3 credits = 75 hours) refer to the preparation of the final exam for graduation. The student must refer to a teacher as Supervisor to agree on a topic for the development of the degree thesis, which will be presented in the final exam.

The “Final Exam” is the presentation of your Thesis. The thesis is worth 6 credit points according to the program structure of the bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences.

  • If you intend to withdraw from your graduation exam you must inform the Student Office and the Didactic Office in time (also if you fail to pass one or more outstanding exams).
  • If you have already paid the Invoice (in a previous session), you have to pay for a new one.