Class schedule

Academic Year 2020-21

Classes start

21 September 2020 – online for all students of Engineering Sciences

Didactic organization

I semester: 21/09/2020 – 18/01/2021 ONLINE

II semester: 01/03/2021 – 12/06/2021
will take place ONLINE ONLY

(link to Macroarea Engineering )

All Students have to sign up on Delphi

Sign up and “JOIN NOW”  to the virtual class.

NOTICE: For the 2nd semester will give you more information on the conduct of lessons in person or remotely (pub. 15.02.2021)

Enrollment 2020-21

15 July– 05 November 2020 – Delphi registration 2020-21

Online Classes TutorialOnline Classes Setup
The software chosen by Tor Vergata University to allow the student to follow lessons online is Microsoft Teams.

Procedure for temporary MS-Teams password to attend classes online:

For all students of the 1st year
Please send your MsTeams email address to, asking for joining the “1st class A.Y 2020-21”