FAQ Applications


Which documents do I need to submit for my application?

All candidates must submit the following documents:

A scanned copy of their passportSchool Diploma OR latest School TranscriptEnglish Language Certificate OR Certification declaring English Native Status OR Certificate from the School Principal Stating English Medium InstructionCV Form  

ONLY the English Language Certificates listed in the Call for Applications will be accepted. Any other English Language Certificates will be ignored.
Candidates MUST use exclusively the CV form provided. Any other CV files, forms, or formats will be ignored.  

Which English Language Certificates are accepted? ALL English Language Certificates must have a minimum B2 Level (Upper Intermediate) and must be dated from January 2021 onwards. Older Certificates and Certificates with lower levels will be ignored.   This is the list of the English Language Certificates accepted. Any other Certificates will be ignored:  
Cambridge English Language Assessment
Trinity College London
English Speaking Board (ESB)
Anglia Ascentis Certificate
Aim Awards (General English/Business English)
C.C.I examination board (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
British Institutes
National Qualifications Authority of Ireland – Accreditation and Coordination of English    
When will I receive feedback about the status of my application? All applications will be assessed following the calendar in the Call for Applications.                  
What can I do if I cannot make the payment via PagoPA? As a first step, please read the Step-by-Step Guide to Delphi Portal extremely carefully.   Some payments in PagoPa may take from 48 to 96 hours to be processed. So, we kindly ask you to check your Delphi account after 96 hours from your payment to see if it has been received.   If you still have issues after 96 hours from your payment, please take a screenshot of the error message that you receive and send it to applications-es@ing.uniroma2.it indicating the following information:

Your full nameFiscal code
A concise description of your problem  

Please note that it may take up to 7 working days for the PagoPa System to process your payment.  
How is the Aptitude Written Test/Online Interview structured? The Aptitude Written Test (25 minutes) and the Online Interview (20 minutes) aim to assess candidates’ motivation, English language, and mathematical background.   Candidates are expected to be familiar with the following basic mathematic topics such as basic algebra, linear equations, linear inequalities, exponential and logarithmic functions, goniometric functions, equations and inequalities of second order, irrational inequalities, statistics, and probability. Examples of open-source lessons can be found on numerous websites, such as: https://www.khanacademy.org/math/high-school-math