Self-assessment test

The purpose of this self-assessment test is to help understand in which basic maths topics one already has adequate skills and in which, on the other hand, one needs to improve their knowledge and abilities. These topics constitute a representative set of topics which are often more problematic for many first-year students.

When ready, attempt the test:

After that, check the solutions:

Precalculus courses

The Engineering Macro-Area organises annual basic maths pre-courses for new students to better prepare for the beginning of the first semester classes. The pre-courses are not mandatory but highly recommended and concern maths and geometry.

The classes will be held in September.

  • 18-22 September 2023

Course programme

Date Topic room
18/09 Radicals and absolute values C1
19/09 Exponentials and Logarithms C2
20/09 Equations and Inequalities C2
21/09 Analytic geometry C2
22/09 Trigonometry and Vectors B3

Full-day (classes will be from 10:00 to 13:00 and 14:30 to 17:00)

Any changes to the program will be communicated through this website.

How to participate

The lessons will be held in classrooms C1-C2-A1 of Engineering Macro-Area’s “DIDATTICA building”.

The classes will also be streamed at this link on the university’s Microsoft Teams platform.

Contact For information regarding the pre-courses, please write to