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All courses for the degree in Engineering Sciences are taught by faculty members of high international reputation from the School of Engineering of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, All our professors are engaged in outstanding research activities ranging from foundational sciences to the most advanced applied areas. In undertaking this new educational path in Engineering Sciences, it is the general intention of our faculty to create a friendly environment, characterized by a strong and fruitful student-teacher interaction.

Internship in one of the various departments involved with Engineering Sciences will be offered to dedicated students willing to learn more about basic technologies and advanced measurement procedures in mechanics and electronics. Last but by no means least, Rome, the Eternal City, with its unequaled historical heritage of artworks and monuments, will offer to all our students a unique chance of cultural growth in their spare time.

About the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” is one of the newest, largest, and most lively state universities in Italy. As a center for scientific research and higher education, it is highly renowned in the fields of Economics, Engineering, Law, and Medicine. In the last years, the activities of technology transfer and cooperation with other public institutions and private organizations in different fields have been steadily increasing.

Currently, Rome “Tor Vergata” offers to its over 40,000 students a total of 37-degree programs in the framework of its 6 Schools of Economics, Engineering, Law, Humanities, Medicine, and Sciences. Each program guarantees an education up to the highest international standards, which are recognized in Europe and overseas. The balance between scientific and humanistic Schools makes campus life extremely stimulating. Students can find high-level technical support and advice in each of the 27 different Departments. Moreover, there are many libraries, general and specialized, and extensively networked computer facilities.

Some numbers of the University of Tor Vergata

44.000 Students
1472 Researchers, Associate Professors, and Full Professors
962 Technical and Administrative Staff
600 Hectares of University Campus (6 millions square meters)
6 Faculties (Economics, Laws, Engineering, Medicine, Humanities, Sciences)
117 First and Second Level Degrees
157 Advanced Courses and Masters
54 Specialization Schools
492 Laboratories
357 Classrooms
30 Informatics Totems for online application
27 Departments
78 Ph.D. Courses
330 Grants assigned per year
6 Area Libraries
676 Grants for Ph.D.
1000 Stages activated per year
516 Student Cooperations
554 Erasmus Grants generated per year
118 Leonardo Grants