Project housing: Together we are better

Dear students,

In response to the urgent housing needs of our student community, Tor Vergata University of Rome has launched an initiative called “Together We Are Better“. Grounded in our core values of inclusion, integration, and internationalization, this effort aims to strengthen the bonds between our university and the local community.

Through this project, we are fostering meaningful connections between those willing to open their homes to students and those seeking housing solutions. These interactions have the potential to significantly impact our local economy and enrich the social fabric of our community.

This joint venture embodies an intergenerational pact of solidarity, signifying our shared commitment to a future in which the university stands in unity with each of you.

By participating, you can enjoy an affordable, nurturing, and serene living environment; in addition, you’ll have the opportunity to experience priceless moments of cultural exchange and shared experiences among diverse backgrounds. Such intergenerational solidarity promotes a dynamic and meaningful exchange of diverse yet converging needs, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of life for all involved.

Your insights are invaluable in making this vision a reality. Your responses will play a key role in implementing this project promptly and making it accessible to all.

To participate, please click on the following link: (Please note: authentication with your Office365 credentials is required).

Thank you for your collaboration

Welcome Office