Engineering MATH pre-courses A.Y. 2021-22

Welcome to Engineering Sciences!

The Engineering Macro-Area organised the annual basic math pre-courses for new students, to have a better preparation for the beginning of first semester classes. The pre-courses are not mandatory, but they are highly recommended, and they concern the maths and geometry basis.

The classes will be held from 7 to 16 September, with theory lessons in the morning from 10.00 AM to 1.00 PM and exercises in the afternoon from 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM (CEST time zone).

Course Programme

Tuesday 07/09/21Radicals & Absolute values
Wednesday 08/09/21Exponentials & Logarithms
Thursday 09/09/21Inequalities
Monday 13/09/21Analytic geometry
Tuesday 14/09/21Trigonometry (only online)
Thursday 16/09/21Test & Correction

How to partecipate

Due to COVID-19, the classes will be held in hybrid form, you can choose whether to attend the lesson in person or online.

  • In person, only if you have the EU digital COVID certificate. The lessons will be in classroom C2 of DIDATTICA building of Engineering Macro-Area. Entry to the classroom will be allowed up to the COVID-safe capacity limit and the seat booking is mandatory at this link.
  • Online, the classes will be streamed on Microsoft Teams platform of the University at this link.

If you have already enrolled in Engineering Sciences, you have to activate your Microsoft Office 365 account on in your “Other Services” section. Then, you can download and use Microsoft Teams platform with all other software of Microsoft Office 365.  Please follow the instructions on the university website at this link. Next, you can open MS Teams app and join the pre-courses Teams “Basic Mathematics AY2021/2022” by clicking on the top-right button “Join a team” and inserting the code avc0vdz or by sending a joining request by clicking this link.

If you have not enrolled yet, you can follow the classes by pasting this link on your web browser (only by Google Chrome).


For all information regarding the pre-courses please write to

Good Study!

The Tutoring Group of the School of Engineering