Study plan – Engineering Sciences

Rules – How to submit and modify your study plan

  1. New study plans and changes for the academic year 2020/21 are no longer accepted.
  2. The next submission window for study plans A.Y 2021/2020 is from 15th  September 2021 to 15th December 2021.
  3. Study plans submitted outside the submission window will not be accepted but changes of previously approved study plans may be possible under justified reasons.
  4. Changes on previously approved study plans must be requested from 15th September 2021 to 15th March 2022 only.
  5. Students may take examinations only from courses present in their study plan.
  6. It is not allowed under any circumstances to request the recognition of an examination in the study plan after its registration in Delphi.
  7. Examinations taken without prior approval of the study plan will be erased or, in the best-case scenario, considered as extra credits in the final academic curriculum. In the absence of an approved study plan, this rule also applies to those examinations which are optional for Engineering Sciences. Anticipation of examinations needs prior approval as well.
  8. Exams of mandatory modules may be taken also in the absence of an approved study plan.
  9. All students may submit the study plan. For students of the first and second year, the submission of the study plan is optional, for students of the third year, the submission is compulsory.
  10. The study plan must be submitted using the following new forms only:

Send your study plan to using this format as filename:

These names are for the FILE.pdf:



This name is for the OBJECT of your email: Pds2021ES