Procedures, Dates, and Documentation required

Please follow the three steps below:

STEP 1: Go to DELPHI, select point 4 “Manage Career On-line and click on option 1 “Access to Student Section (Area Studenti)”. Please insert your login details and print the bulletin to be paid. The bulletin must be paid between 60 and 30 days before your Degree Session.

STEP 2: Please fill in the formFormative Activities and Authorization for Final Graduation“. Fill in the form only by typing on the computer. Deliver the original to the Student Office, and a copy to the Didactic Office (Ingegneria dell’ Informazione), at least 15 days before the date of the graduation session.

STEP 3: Please fill in the form with your consent to the use of your personal data and information (privacy – decree 196/2003). The form must be handed into the Didactic Office together with a photo and a copy of your pdf thesis.

If you intend to withdraw from your graduation exam you must inform the Student Office and the Didactic Office in time (also if you fail to pass one or more outstanding exams).

If you have already paid the Invoice (in a previous session), you have to pay a new one.

The thesis is worth 6 credit points according to the program structure of the bachelor’s degree in Engineering Sciences.

There are 4 sessions to graduate. The 1st Session of the Academic Year is in July, and the last is in April.

CAUTIONARY QUESTION: The last year of Career, out of the 3rd Year of enrollment, the student can register in “cautionary question”, without paying taxes, to be graduate within the last session of April of the last Academic Year of the enrollment.
Students can take the last exams by recording in the last A.Y.

If you are not able to graduate within April, you have to pay for all the new Academic year.
The deadline to request it, on Delphi, is the 31st of December.

Extraordinary sessionDate and place
29, September 2020 – A.Y. 2019-20
3, December 2020 – A.Y. 2019-20
SessionsDate and place
22 October 2020 – A.Y. 2019-20
Request on Delphi
: from 22 August to 22 Sept. 2020
room Archimede 10:00
__ February 2021 – A.Y. 2019-20
Request on Delphi: from __ December to __ January
__ April 2021 – A.Y. 2019-20
Request on Delphi: from __ February to __ March
July 2021 – new A.Y. 2020-21
Request on Delphi: from __May to __June

Other information: School of Engineering (Italian website)

Old graduation sessions (under construction)