Academic Year 2014-2015

28.07.2015 – Lancia, Lucarelli, Papa, Ricciuti, Santarelli, Spina

26.10.2015 – Saad, Senatore, Vizel

21.04.2016 – Sohail

committee:1st graduate session on Jul 28, 2015 – room “Leonardo” 
Roberto Paolesse Michele Manno Marco Tiberti Giuseppe Balestrino 
President: R. Verzicco  Supervisor
Francesco LANCIA Italian Napoli, 12/05/1993 lanciafrancesco@hotmail.itMichele Manno
Thesis  topic:Sizing and integration of an electrical energy storage system in an islanded network with generation by renewable sources
Daniele LUCARELLI Italian Roma, 15/08/1196 lucarelli.daniele@yahoo.itCristiano Maria Verrelli – Marco Tiberti
Thesis  topic: Performance evaluation index for heart rate controlled cycloergometer exercises
Gianluca PAPA Italian Roma, 10/06/1993 gianpapa1993@gmail.comCristiano Maria Verrelli – Marco Tiberti
Thesis  topic:Performance evaluation index for heart rate controlled cycloergometer exercises
 Francesco RICCIUTI Italian Roma, 28/05/1993 francesco.ricciuti@yahoo.itCristiano Maria Verrelli – Marco Tiberti
Thesis  topic:Performance evaluation index for heart rate controlled cycloergometer exercises
Marina SANTARELLI Italian Ancona, 21/03/1993 marinas_93@libero.itMichele Manno
Thesis  topic: Power-to-gas technology as energy balancing system: analysis of its potential on an economic, energy and environmental basys
Francesca Romana SPINA Italian Roma, 09/09/1993 francescromanaspina@hotmail.itMichele Manno
Thesis  topic: Analysis of a refrigerattion systems based on mettal hydride heat pumps
committee:2nd graduate session on Oct 26, 2015 – room “Archimede” 
Andrea Micheletti Benedetto Scoppola Giuseppe Pareschi Paolo colantonio 
President: R. Verzicco  Supervisor
Moussa SAAD lebanese Maarake, Libano 02/01/1991 saad.7.moussa@hotmail.comGiuseppe Tomassetti – Andrea micheletti
Thesis  topic:Continuum models in biomechanics
Federico SENATORE Italian Roma, 05/07/1993 fede.senatore@gmail.comBenedetto Scoppola
Thesis  topic:The blockage problem in a traffic model with variable speed
Sarah VIZEL Canadian Brantford, Canada 03/07/1991 svizel03@gmail.comRoberto Verzicco
Thesis  topic:Computational bioengineering: a finite element method approach to biomechanics and mechanobiology
committee:3rd graduate session on Apr 21, 2016 – room “Archimede” 
Vincenzo Mulone Michele Manno Lucio Scucchia Maria Richetta 
President: R. Verzicco  Supervisor
Sohail KHAN Pakistani Swat, Pakistan, 28 july 1988 skylark.sw999@gmail.comVincenzo Mulone
Thesis  topic:Least cost options for integrating intermittent renewables in a low carbon systems