Class schedule

Academic Year 2020-21

Classes start

21 September 2020 – online for all students of Engineering Sciences

Didactic organization

I semester: 21/09/2020 – 18/01/2021 ONLINE COURSE CODES

II semester: 01/03/2021 – 12/06/2021

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24 September 2020: The lesson of “Mathematical Analysis I” has been canceled. The day of the supplementary class is to be determined.”

The lessons of “Digital Electronics” will start on the 1st of October

Enrollment 2020-21

15 July– 05 November 2020 – Delphi registration 2020-21

Procedure for temporary MS-Teams password to attend classes online

For all students of the 1st year
Please send your MsTeams email address to, asking for joining the “1st class A.Y 2020-21”