Study Plan is mandatory for 3rd year students. 1st and 2nd year students wishing to anticipate annual exams, are invited to fill in their Study Plan prior to the exam.


How to fill in your Study Plan:

1. Please go to

2. Click on "Compila Piano di Studi" at the top of the page.

3. Insert your matricola, password and email adress and click on "Avanti".

(After checking and filling in your Study Plan please print a hard copy and bring to Ms. Simona Ranieri for final signature until the end of January)

If you have any queries concerning your Study Plan please contact Ms. Simona Ranieri at:

(a signed copy will be available on the Students'office)


K73 - Engineering Sciences - active codes

all codes engineering , all codes ATENEO Tor Vergata

There are 2 types of Study plans:

1: Individual Study Plan
This plan allows students a freer choice in the selection of the exams which needs to be agreed and signed off by the lecturer. Students may include more than 180 ECTS.

2: Pre-Established Study Plan
The selection of exams is established beforehand, and students may not exceed 180 ECTS. Students can choose between two Study Plans:

a) Study Plan in Electronic Engineering
b) Study Plan in Mechanical/Energy Engineering

When completing your Study Plan please remember to select all the exams for TABLE I (138 ECTS) - TABLE II (12 ECTS) - TABLE III (30 ECTS or more) - TABLE IV (optional ECTS 0-24).

138+12+30=180 + optional credits. The total number of credits must be at least 180


I II III NO Sostenuto Ciclo Anno
Crediti SSD


In your Study Plan you need to indicate in which academic year you intend to take the exam and which exams you plan on taking in advance. In doing this, please keep in mind that you are not allowed to anticipate more than 18 ECTS per year, and you cannot have more than 80 ECTS per year. Please select the option "sostenuto" for the all exams you have taken already.

- for indivual study plan: if you can not find the exam in the "drop-down menu", you can write the name of the exam at the 3rd page of study plan in "Altri crediti fuori standard".







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